Project Photos

Cresswell Brothers (CBGCI employs a 25-person field crew in addition to an office support staff.  CBCGI utilizes quality and reputable subcontractors to form a team to complete projects in a timely and professional manner.  CBGCI has developed a variety of projects such as bank buildings, warehouses, industrial and manufacturing plants, pre-engineered buildings, and schools.  CBGCI has the ability to take a project idea and move it through design, land-development, construction, final completion, and final inspections for a total turn-key operation.

Quality Control: In-house systems of quality control by senior staff are utilized to ensure a technically sound and cost-effective construction project.  Prior to final document submission, all contracts are subjected to a thorough inter-disciplinary coordination check.  This time-proven procedure provides a logical and orderly approach to check construction drawings, specifications, and cost estimaties to minimize errors and/or ommissions.

Cost Estimating:  Cost estimating is generally based on a lump sum proposal after the Owner's approval of the final design.  Unit contract pricing not-to-exceed may be utilized at the direction of the Owner.  Change Orders will be added to the original contract only if the Owner makes design changes or material substitutions affecting the original proposal.  A cost breakdown will be submitted to the Owner for approval of all Change Orders prior to the work or substitution unless directed by the Owner to make these changes in fhe form of a Field Directive.